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Welcome To Gun Concealment Holders

Welcome To Gun Concealment Holders


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Want to protect your family and yourself? 

Gun Concealment Holders .com has what you want.

           * Holsters that can be hidden easily

           * Handbags for women with secured holster for

              your gun 

           * Durable and great looking

Gun Concealment Holders .com has many different types.

  • Leather
  • Kydex
  • Ankle with straps or without

Looking for exotic leather?

  • Alligator
  • Ostrich                                     
  • English Pigskin
  • Shark                                                               
  • Sting Ray

The exotics feature the same optimum design and construction as our premium saddle leather Concealable, while offing a unique and exquisite look.

Almost all of our holsters, belts can be ordered in exotics, with a choice of solid brass, nickel plated, gold plated, or sterling silver buckles.  Please call Gun Concealment Holders.com for pricing and availability.

Please note we will not ship exotics outside the United States.

Why not go all the way with a Hand-crafted Solid sterling silver buckle set. 

Need a Miami Classic Shoulder Holster or need a Jackass Rig.  With both of these as with all the shoulder holster they are fully modular system.

Handbags with your favorite gun held secure inside.  Some of the styles that we have are the Pax, Soltaire, and Wisteria just to name a few.  These handbags are made from the same premium hides that the holsters are made from.  In each hand bag the gun part has a lockable zipper closer for add safety. 

Now is the time to go shopping and find a GREAT concealment holster.  Just click on the page below and start shopping.

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There are numerous products available with a mass assortment of inventory that is readily accessible. New products are being added all the time and will be updated immediately when the merchandise becomes online.